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  • 24 Apr 2012 2:14 PM | S. Heather Bennouri (Administrator)
    The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB or "The Federation") created a proposal for the Maintenance of Core Competencies (MOCC).  This proposed program would be designed to "test" current massage therapists to ensure the basic elements of public safety standards are maintained, based on current issues within the profession and with state regulatory agencies.  The idea is that it would replace current continuing education requirements, yet those with interest in pursuing additional certifications or training could still utilize those resources.

    The Federation has several links on their web site regarding this information under the "What's New" heading.  There is an open period for public feedback.  If you are interested in learning more about the MOCC proposal and providing feedback, please visit the Federation's web site at fsmtb.org.
  • 24 Apr 2012 1:28 PM | S. Heather Bennouri (Administrator)
    If you bill insurance, you need to be aware that in Oregon, you can no longer bill for CPT codes that reflect specific other licensed practices.  For example, code 97001: PT Evaluation.  This code implies that you are a licensed Physical Therapist (if you hold dual licensure, you can bill under your PT license).  The repercussions can be relatively minimal (insurance companies refusing to pay for services under that billing code) to more drastic (potential investigation/penalties) for practicing outside of scope.

    This is a frustrating issue for many LMTs, but after discussion with a PT professional association, the PT Board, and the AMA CPT panel massage therapy representative, it was determined that this code is not appropriate for massage therapists to use.  The CPT panel is looking at alternatives for massage therapists to bill for evaluations, but it is a slow process and there is nothing concrete to report on the status of potential changes at this time.

    If you have successfully billed for this code in the past, please know that insurance companies may begin denying billing under these codes.  LMTs are currently expected to bill the same as for treatment time (i.e., 97124).

    Any LMT billing insurance needs to ensure that they are doing so legally and ethically.  Please be aware that this is your responsibility to know this information and stay current with it, and it may vary from what you were taught in an insurance billing class.
  • 05 Feb 2011 8:25 PM | S. Heather Bennouri (Administrator)
    The Evergreen School Teachers Appreciation Event is February 15, 16, and 17, 2011 from 12:00 to 1:30 each day as a way to show appreciation for the teachers.  There are about 100 teachers and they would like to offer 15-minute chair massages to as many as want to sign up. For more information, please contact Cindy Davenport LMT #12822 at 503-522-1425 or misfit56@frontier.com.
  • 22 Oct 2010 1:52 PM | S. Heather Bennouri (Administrator)
    ABMP recently changed the affinity member discount.  Previously, it was $50.00 annually.  Now it is $24.00 annually.  You can receive this discount at the Professional level (regular $199, with discount $175), or at the Certified level (regular $229, with discount $205).  When an OMTA member renews with ABMP, they must REQUEST this discount.  Questions about insurance or pricing should be directed to ABMP.  Questions about OMTA membership status can be directed to the current OMTA Membership Coordinator.
  • 23 Jul 2010 2:43 PM | S. Heather Bennouri (Administrator)
    As many in the LMT community already know, Bruno De Block passed away on June 1, 2010.  The building he was leasing for his practice will not release the family from the rental agreement.  If you are in the Bend area and are interested in details on the location and price for a sublet, please visit www.brunodeblock.com for information.
  • 02 Jun 2010 2:38 PM | S. Heather Bennouri (Administrator)
    Bruno De Block, a long-time LMT who practiced in Bend, and had served in a variety of capacities with OMTA, including as President from 2006-2008, passed away June 1, 2010.  For information about Bruno, where to send donations for his daughter's college fund, and other information, please visit his blog at www.brunodeblock.com.  
  • 25 Feb 2010 4:17 PM | S. Heather Bennouri (Administrator)
    The second draft has been released and is available for public comment through March 8, 2010.  I encourage you to read and review this document thoroughly, as it is a well-designed and well-constructed enterprise and will become better through feedback of the massage therapy community.  It says they received 600 responses last time--this is a very small percentage of the massage community.  Please get involved as this could be a very important document for legislation, regulation, education, and the profession as it relates to other health professions, insurance companies, and the public.  http://www.mtbok.org
  • 07 Feb 2010 7:12 PM | S. Heather Bennouri (Administrator)
    This has been under construction for nearly a year now, and we are finally up and...well...crawling.  Updates will be made periodically and your feedback is welcome.  (Feedback can be sent to info@bennouri.net until the feedback page is up and running.)

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